WCCL: Medford Rogues

Job Opportunities

Learn the business of baseball!


Learn from the ground up in the best career there is - sports!

For those with the passion to learn and the talent to succeed, the Rogues offer a rare chance to find out what it's really like to work in a fun, people-focused, entertainment-based industry - baseball! The Rogues welcome those who seek to make Sports Management, sales, venue or event management a career. We offer a great hands-on learning opportunity for those who want to see what it’s really like to work in baseball! 

With the Rogues you'll do a little bit of everything, from cooking hot dogs to coordinating television appearances to wearing the mascot suit to putting together group outings for major corporations to shagging fly balls in BP! Here are some of the areas where you can specialize, in order to reach your goal in the sports industry:

Intern opportunities: (NOTE: interns will be paid as and be a part of the game day staff, with non-game hours counting toward college internship credit requirements)

Promotions/Community Outreach: 
o Locate and schedule public appearances for players, mascot and staff 
o In-game on-field emcee and in-game promotional team
o This group conducts in-game promotions, accompanies players and mascot to outside events, coordinates all in-stadium promotions. 
o Coordinate daily game script to match game promotions

Public Relations: 
o Writing post-game recap after each Rogues home game for media use
o Coordinating player home town newspaper and television contact information for press release distribution list
o Seek new media opportunities in Southern Oregon and Northern California
o Coordinate daily press notes to incorporate current information (statistics, rosters, game notes)

Baseball Operations: 
o Serve as official scorekeeper for Rogues league and non-league home games, using Pointstreak as the official scorekeeping software of the West Coast League
o Obtain daily lineups and pass lists from home and visiting teams, distribute where needed on a timely basis
o Provide post-game box scores and current statistics to home and visiting coaches

General Business: 
o Update and keep current the Rogues Web site
o Coordinate team travel
o Bookkeeping duties as necessary
o Assist office staff in answering phones, taking ticket and souvenir orders

o Coordinate daily ticket booth stock, start banks and reconciliation
o Coordinate daily merchandise stand stock, start banks and reconciliation
o Assist full-time staff with concessions operations as needed
o Assist in setting up and maintaining stadium for all events

All Interns are expected to assist in any area needed on a daily basis.

Intern positions are paid as and participate as game day staff during game hours and receive college credit for non-game hourly duties and learning experiences. Opportunities in group ticket sales and other areas also exist so that interns may earn income during the spring and summer. We welcome college students who need internship hours to fulfill college requirements. Housing through our host family program is possible, though limited.

We encourage college students from the Rogue Valley who will be home for the summer to fill these positions, though all passionate, talented applicants will be considered. As with players, the Rogues are not in the business of turning away great talent!

Intern time frames: 
Ticket sales: 
o February through July – six hours per week (three hours a day, twice a week) 
Public Relations: 
o March through May – six hours per week (three hours a day, twice a week) 
o June through early August – 25-30 hours per week (as needed on game days) 
Baseball Operations
o Late May through early August – as needed on game days
o Also needed on non-game days to assist in other areas
General Business: 
o February through July – six hours per week (three hours a day, twice a week) 
o March through May – six hours per week (three hours a day, twice a week) 
o June through early August – 25-30 hours per week (as needed on game days)

For more information on how to become a member of the 2014 Rogues, contact the team at info@medfordrogues.com.

Resumes can be sent to the e-mail address above, or faxed to 541-973-2885. Thank you for your interest in the Rogues!